Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh my goodness....

I have some catching up to do! I'm doing a lot of crafting, and a lot of things are on deck... but no time to take pictures or to blog! It's hard when you've got these crazy guys in your life.

Here are a couple pics I was able to take... I thought this was going to be given as a gift, and then I decided I could do better.

See how his ears are kind of "fly-aways?" mmmm.... they just kind of bother me. I tacked them down to the poor little bunny's head, but they're not floppy enough for me... if you're going to give a little girl a bunny, the ears need to be properly floppy!

I love the color combination, though! This is Lion Brand Cotton Ease, in Terracotta and Maize. But the yarn's a bit stiff when crocheted up this tight - hence the no-flop-ears. I'll use some of the Vanna's Choice I have to crochet up the next one.

Along with that, I have a cable-knit purse on the needles for one of my SIL's birthday this weekend, and I will actually finish that in time! I recently finished a really cool scarf from S'n'B's The Happy H**ker... I'll take pics of that and the finished purse soon. I need to whip out my sewing machine to line the purse, make up some pillows, reupholster a chair, and if I have some fabric in my stash I like, I need to make new curtains for our bedroom. I've never liked the first set I made up when we first moved in, and when we moved the furniture around last week, we discovered that the morning light hits us in the face with the new bed placement and the old curtains. That will never do!

So.... I have no idea when I'll get all of this done. But I'll keep you updated!


NH Knitting Mama said...

I was just looking into getting some Cotton Ease in the terra cotta color today. There is a crochet jacket that I love, and my mom offered to make it for me (since crochet is her 1st love)... That is the color I'd like.

I like the bunny! Is there a way to wash him to soften up the ears?

oh amanda said...

Oh, I love the little bunny--non floppy ears and all!

Leigh said...

I love your bunny, I think his ears are cute!!!