Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At last, some FOs!

But not what I'm supposed to be be knitting.... I'm getting nowhere fast on my cargo pants... It would really help if I actually worked on it. I have about an inch to go on the first leg.

So what did I do? I've cast on some Christmas knits. I was going to knit up a lot of things for a lot of people. But then I decided I wasn't going to knit anything. Ha! So I've cast on a PillowBot for my robot-loving brother. And then I need to cast on a squid iPod cozy for his new wife. And then I've cast on another Gillian scarf....

I knit one of the Gillian scarves for a swap that I did over on Flickr... I couldn't post it before my swap-pal got it, because I wanted it to be a surprise! So I finished that a while ago. Here's a pic...

It was so much fun to knit! So like I've said, I've cast on another one. It is another gift, for a cousin who's coming for Christmas.

Speaking of the above swap - it's the Color Me Happy Swaparooni on Flickr, as I mentioned. It was so much fun! My swap pal rocked (rocks - she still does!)!!! Look at all the fun stuff she sent me! And, as a non-knitter, I have to give her major props - she ventured into a yarn shop and got me some yummy soft yarn (upper left hand corner). I'm having problems remembering things, like how to take good pictures of things, so I have no pics of the yarn up close.
I also knitted a way-too-small hat for the Big Boy. It looked big enough for him - honestly it did. sigh...

He barely even let me put it on him for pictures.
OK - so I'm off to knit some and watch some TV.

Peace out, dudes!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ah, what a night!

mmmm.... Hubby's band is in the recording studio, working late on a demo CD. So I'm home alone (with the Big Boy in bed, of course), and the TV on... and it's nostalgia night on TBS! I swear - the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas followed by The Wizard of Oz... I am in heaven! So in between dishes and laundry, I managed to sit down and cast on for the baby's cargo pants... and I got about 5 inches done on the first leg.
I feel much better about this now that I'm actually knitting it. I don't feel as panicky, that I'm not going to get things done.

Also, in my nesting-stage, I cleaned up my craft armoire, and I stashed part of my stash under my bed. I'm relieved about this, too... a lot of this is just really cheap yarn that I can't see myself working with, but I can't get rid of yet. So it's nice to have it out of sight, and I'm surrounded by my pretty, squishy yarn. I didn't take a picture of my armoire, because even though it's "de-yarnified," it's not decluttered. I still have a lot of mess in there. Sigh.... but here's a peak at what's now living under my bed.

I feel kind of accomplished as a knitter - like my stash is growing now that it's officially out-grown the space I had for it! hee hee! I'm now on a self-imposed yarn restriction, because I have so much yarn that I bought for specific projects that I need to cast on for - so I'm not buying anymore until I knit some more of this up!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

No Knits....

No knitting... lots of sitting. Bad combination! I need to get busy! Only about 6 weeks until the baby gets here - yikes! I'm so ready to have him here, but I need to start those cargo pants. If I can get those and a hat done before he gets here, I'll be happy.

I wonder if I'll be able to do any Christmas knitting this year.... people might just have to wait another year!