Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ah, what a night!

mmmm.... Hubby's band is in the recording studio, working late on a demo CD. So I'm home alone (with the Big Boy in bed, of course), and the TV on... and it's nostalgia night on TBS! I swear - the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas followed by The Wizard of Oz... I am in heaven! So in between dishes and laundry, I managed to sit down and cast on for the baby's cargo pants... and I got about 5 inches done on the first leg.
I feel much better about this now that I'm actually knitting it. I don't feel as panicky, that I'm not going to get things done.

Also, in my nesting-stage, I cleaned up my craft armoire, and I stashed part of my stash under my bed. I'm relieved about this, too... a lot of this is just really cheap yarn that I can't see myself working with, but I can't get rid of yet. So it's nice to have it out of sight, and I'm surrounded by my pretty, squishy yarn. I didn't take a picture of my armoire, because even though it's "de-yarnified," it's not decluttered. I still have a lot of mess in there. Sigh.... but here's a peak at what's now living under my bed.

I feel kind of accomplished as a knitter - like my stash is growing now that it's officially out-grown the space I had for it! hee hee! I'm now on a self-imposed yarn restriction, because I have so much yarn that I bought for specific projects that I need to cast on for - so I'm not buying anymore until I knit some more of this up!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there! I have been cleaning out my stash, too. One of my bloggy buddies is a teacher, and she taught her whole class to knit. She's looking for unwanted/un-needed yarn, needles, and notions. If you want her address, email me and let me know. She is most appreciative of donations!

Kellie said...

Scroll back through my blog sweetie....see how many times I have said "no more yarn until I knit up some of this stash." Just telling you so that if you fail, I'm right there with ya hahahahaha

I have something for you! We will need to get together before that sweet little one arrives ;) And, if you want to get together and knit/teach to knit, I'm all over that! Lets get in contact. I miss talking to you :) I've been thinking of you!

oh amanda said...

What a fun nite! I love the wizard of oz!!

And your yarn--yummy!