Monday, April 30, 2007

Organized at last!

Oh, the joy of getting organized! I feel like I could knit up my entire (measly) stash right now just because it's all laid out and pretty....

We were going to be getting rid of this computer armoire, since we moved our computer into the den (how in the world can a family of 3 out-grow a home in under a year? oh, yeah, I'm a pack-rat). But with Hubby's lament that "It's a shame to get rid of such a nice piece of furniture" and my... hmmm, how to say it? absolute inability to even move due to the squalor in our home (again, my fault. I cannot work on sewing, knitting, planting a garden, organizing a swap meet, and gathering for a garage sale at the same time. The mess it creates is unspeakable). So Hubby was kind enough to help me move the behemoth out of the guest room and into the living room.

Look at how pretty it looks closed!

I am insanely jealous of Trillian42 of Katydid Knits... look at what she did! Jealous on so many levels.... I have an Ikea Expedit bookcase already, but it houses my enormous book collection. No room whatsoever for yarn. On top of it looking like she has an entire craft room, she has so much yarn!!! drool.... my yarn stash looks itty-bitty in comparision... but I'm working on it!

I finished my dad's iPod sock in a day. He opened it up, and said, "Um, a sock!" At least he got that part right!

Now I'm unravelling a sweater. I had a brainstorm to knit a yoga mat bag for a good friend... her birthday is this week! And of course I'm just starting today.... (What's up with me and knitting with short deadlines? Think ahead, self!!!)... I hope to use the existing turtleneck as the top of the bag. I'll post pics when it's all unravelled.

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Amanda1 said...

You have a great site! I like the armoire a lot, but me (being a yarny person, too) would leave the doors open so I could look at the yarn... ha ha...

God bless, fellow Christian.