Friday, December 7, 2007

It's amazing what lack of sleep can do for your productivity!

So I'm having trouble sleeping. A lot of trouble. My doctor has been wonderful in giving me some sleeping aids, but on the nights I'm not supposed to take anything (that's every other night....), I. just. don't. sleep. Sigh... But I'm getting some great late night knitting done!

Last night, Hubby went to see the Skins play in DC. Of course, it took me a while to get to sleep, as usual. But then, when he got home at 2:30ish (that's AM, folks...), I was wide awake. I laid there for a little bit, in pain, until I couldn't lay there any more. I think I got out of bed around 3:00. AM. I went out to the den, opened up iTunes, and played some Robert Shaw Christmas. Nice and soothing... so calm, so Christmasy. And I picked up some knitting... and got started on these bracelets. Remember me saying I wanted to knit some? I just wanted a nice mindless knit so that maybe I could drift off after a while.

I started my swatches, and I finished 2 today during the day! See?

I love them! The first is Lion Brand Organic Cotton. Oooo, I like it. and I like how the seed stitch looks in it, how defined the stitches are... The yarn is a bit splitty, but it's so nice and soft! mmmm... The second is Lion Brand Jiffy. I have tons of it, so I thought I'd use some. I really like the color, but it fluffs up a bit too much for me when you knit it. I did the same seed stitch in it, but you can't really see the stitches.

I did a bracelet a couple of days ago, but I didn't take a picture of it. It's laughable. I thought I'd do it in the round, so I'd only have to finish up the sides.... it's about 4 inches too large to go around the bracelet insert. I thought fleetingly about cutting it (steeking it? What's the correct terminology?) - then I laughed at myself.

What did I use as the bracelets? This plastic thing I got on sale at... you know. I tried on several bangle bracelets at places at the mall, only to find that either my arms and hands have gotten fat, too, or I'm just really big-boned. None of them fit onto my wrist. So I bought 3 of these stretchy things. I think they look really good covered. Some of the bracelets I'm giving as gifts to much smaller relatives, so if I find solid bangles on sale someplace, I'll snatch them up and use those. The yarn adds considerable bulk to the bracelets, though, so I'll have to watch that.

Oh, wait - go back a couple of days! Look at what I used to wind my organic cotton into a center-pull ball!

Mmmm - too much fun! I need to buy more yarn to wind myself! Like this yarn!!! Next step will be a swift, but it wasn't too bad winding it off of the back of a chair.

Also, last night (before the above-mentioned attempt at sleep) I got a big chunk of the PillowBot done for my brother. The pattern calls for some intarsia. But I realized the yarn I had for the stripes was an acrylic blend and would not felt as needed. So I doubled the stripe colors with the main body color. I think it will be fine. I'd like to get these all marked off my list as I count down the days to baby...


NH Knitting Mama said...

Sorry you're not sleeping! I've been taking Melatonin, and it helps my sleep be more productive. Maybe you can try that if it is okay with your doctor.

Kellie said...

Ok, we so need to get together. I don't believe the knitted item I have for you would be an appropriate graduation gift for the little man. Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Maddie is singing a solo at church next I know for sure I will be in then. We have to do it soon, though! I want to see you :)

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you like :)

And, I'm so sorry you are so miserable. Those last few lingering days almost drove me batty. I can't wait to see the new little man and how excited big boy must be!!!


oh amanda said...

I hate that you aren't sleeping. That's the worst!

But I l-o-v-e the bracelets! So you knitted them over the bangles? I'm confused! ;)