Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some Christmas knits...

No baby knits, but some Christmas knits to show you!

It's a knit Squid iPod cozy! In it's Christmas habitat, a bowl of ornaments on my side board!

It must be comfortable there... look, it's comfortable enough to show you its backside, too!

For my new SIL... it was a special request, made in her favorite color, an unknown red from Red Heart.... at least I think it was a Red Heart yarn I used. I went stash diving for a red, and found this one rolled into a big ball - no labels anywhere. It was not the most fun yarn to knit with, but it was a fun, quick knit! Mr. Squid is a bit stiff, due to the yarn, but he'll be oh so fashionable with an iPod nestled inside him, the earphone cords dangling out of his little pointy head-hole... I would've finished it in one day save for the toddler crawling all over me.

Here's the other Gillian scarf I cast on a while back. I love this one, too. It's for my cousin, who apparently will be skiing away the winter blues in Aspen. Sigh.... I hope a bit of me will hit the slopes with her when she wears this one...

I love the colors on this. It's like a classic red scarf, but it's not.... it goes from an orange to a brownish-red to a maroony color, and I love it! I think the yarn is a Moda Dea - ooo, I'm so bad! I just bought the yarn for this one, and I've tossed the label and can't even remember any specs on it! I think this is it, in Cinnamon Twist. I like the yarn - it's a great, bulky, wool and acrylic blend. Very soft.

This is what it looks like in post-snow gloom, sitting on my sofa. I missed the sun that melted the little bit of snow we got this morning, so all I got was gloom.

But I think the colors really perk up the place, don't you?

So, as I said, no new baby knits. I still have only one leg of the cargo pants done. And I'm OK with this. I need to finish up on my brother's PillowBot, and then I'm going to try to make a couple of these up quickly for gifts, and if the cargo pants need to wait, that's OK.

Oooo, and did you see this? mmmmm..... bags.....


Gnat said...

Love the Squid ipod case. :) Looks great. Hope you are having a great holiday day!!

oh amanda said...

How fun is that cozy?! I love it! And the scarf--yummy! I'm jealous of your new thing!