Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Hmmm, Yano, I don't think I can do this one. "Brag About Yourself" - I think the title you said you were going to use was 10 Awesome Things about Yourself. I am not in the bragging mood - not at all. In fact, I'm in quite a negative mood. So let's not dwell on me...

I think I'm going to frog the Namaste yoga bag. It's just not turning out the way I thought, and I can't imagine knitting for another 24 inches on this this. It looks nice - see?

I'm just not having fun with it. And I need something fun right now. Plus, just after taking this picture, the loose size 8 needle fell behind the couch. That makes 2 lone size 8 needles behind the couch. I guess I should retrieve them soon. Especially if I want to start on the Om Yoga Mat Bag without buying a new set of size 8s.

Big Boy decided to have some fun with the white fabric I take pics of my WIPs on. Enjoy!

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Amanda1 said...

Oh, no Lmilla! Are you losing your knitting mojo? Please don't frog all that work. Maybe if you do a different project, you can pick this one up again when you have the oomphf again.

Of course, until you rescue your 8's behind the couch, you won't be going far on it anyway. ha ha... (I have a couple under my couch, too)