Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Man, time has flown! I had promised myself I would be a good little blogger and blog a lot - but 2 weeks have past, and I am delinquent!

I've decided I'm not going to do the 10 on Tuesday blog entries anymore. That was fun, but not on topic (ha ha), and I wound up not being able to pots on Yano's site that they were up. The filter I have on our computer was blocking me from doing that, somehow. It wasn't dire enough for me to figure out what was happening, but it was kind of discouraging, because I was doing the 10 on Tuesdays but no one else who was doing them knew that I was participating, too. So.... plus, I didn't like only blogging on Tuesdays.

Thanks to Amanda's encouragement, I did not frog the Namaste Yoga bag. It is safely put away in my craft cabinet, awaiting another day. I did start the Om Yoga bag from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation, and I am enjoying it so much more! The lace pattern is easy-peasy to remember - I just have to look at the beginning and the end of each row to see how the pattern staggers (to make the lace on a diagonal). I love how it's looking!

It is kind of slow going, though, because I love to knit in front of the TV. But I discovered that when I knit this in front of the TV (specifically, So You Think You Can Dance), I forget to psso in the pattern. I wound up with 10 extra stitches on my row at one point, and I had to tink back 4 rows to get to the psso's that I didn't do.

I also can't paint my nails during So You Think You Can Dance. They turned out to be a disaster. I have a problem with that show. I love it so much I can't tear myself away. It's like Hubby watching Heroes. You just don't talk to him while it's on. Same thing for me with SYTYCD. I'm a hopeless case when it comes to that show. I wish I could move even a little bit like those kids can move. Man!

I'm not knitting anything else right now, but I'm eying a couple things. A couple of which are on the summer knitty site... Would these be good socks to start with? I love ankle socks... And I think I'm going to knit this for my cousin... She's a tiny thing, and lives in St. Thomas, and I think she would look phenomonal in this. She's turning, ehem... 40 in August. And.... drum roll please.... I'm going to see her! YES! IN ST. THOMAS! And she doesn't know!!! hee hee hee! (she's not a blog reader, so I'm not worried!). Her sister, my other cousin, has coordinated a girls' weekend down there to celebrate the big day, so all of us female relatives are heading down to hang out. You know, in the Carribbean. Without Hubbies and Big Boys. So nice...

I got this in the mail last week...

Isn't so pretty? It's Knit One Crochet Too's Cotonade in Moss. Now, what to knit, what to knit....?


Kellie said...

Those socks are on my to do list. If you want, let me know when you cast on and I will too so that I can help if you have questions.

Glad to have you back!!!!

The Author said...

SYTYCD is like crack baby! I can't even eat while it's on or I end up looking like my children!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

The yarn is beautiful! Do you have enough to make a shrug? That yarn just says shrug to me... Let us know what you decide to do with it!