Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FOs from the road!

Our "ocean-view" from our balcony - not bad, not bad...

I meant to post something after I got back from Myrtle Beach (which, by the way, was a blast. No diapers, no schedules.... ahh, heaven!). But I blink, and time flies!
I got some major knitting done while at the beach. It helped that Hubby and I are home-bodies, and not at all interested in the "night-life" of wherever we are. So after the sun went down and dinner was done, we sat in front of the TV and I knitted! And then on Wednesday and Thursday, it rained - so when we weren't trying to figure out what we could do indoors that did not include draining our bank account, I knitted again! I took 3 projects, and got 1 and a half done!
A rainy day at the aquarium... Hubby watching the shark swim over his head...

YES - I FINISHED THE COACHELLA! Finally! I actually even had a friend try it on for size - and I have a problem.... Apparently my bind-off is way too tight. My friend is tiny-tiny like my cousin, but the waist was pretty tight. I have to figure out something - and I think I have an idea, but man, I'm nervous. What do you think about steeking 2 side slits? Am I crazy for considering that? I know no other way to bind-off - are there looser ways? Should I tink off the bind-off and re-do it? Or would I be OK with the steeking?

Thanks to my friend, Kelly, who did a bit of impromptu modeling for me...

Then, I did something I never thought I would be able to do - knit in the car. I get sooooo carsick if I'm not looking straight ahead with cold air blowing on me, so looking back, I was silly to even try. But I had just finished the Coachella, and wanted to get something else done while I was gone - and a 5 hour car trip seemed like perfect timing! I have no pictures of me doing it - or of the finished project. I knitted my first dishcloth for a swap I'm doing in a Ravelry group, and I don't know if my pal is reading my blog - so no pictures until I send everything off. I am proud of myself, though - not only for the car-knitting, but also for modifying a pattern to fit my pal's request for a small dishcloth - a 5 inch square to fit into her hands without being too bulky. All I have to do is gather some goodies and send my package on the way! This is my first swap, too, so I'm excited about that!

I have one other quick little knit I want to finish up, and then it's on to baby knits! Did I mention I am really excited about football season? I love football anyway, and the fact that now I have knitting I can do while rooting on the 'Skins - life is good! We're teaching Big Boy how to say "TOUCH-DOWN!" He's got the arms up in the air, but he gets so excited he forgets to say anything.

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Mary said...

Nice job on the Coachella! As far as the bind-off, you might want to undo the bind-off and reknit it with a looser one. If you Google "stretchy bind-off", you'll get a couple of good hits. I know there are several that WendyKnits has recommended, since she does a lot of toe-up socks.

In any case, it looks great on your friend. :-)