Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching up (and 10 on Tuesday)

Oh my goodness! It has been way too long since I actually blogged about knitting! So here's for catching up...

So what have I been doing? I'm working on my Sidewinder bag... no pics of that right now, but it's coming along. I'm shaping the body of the bag right now. Only about 100 rows left! Then I can sew it together and felt it!

I'm loving working on cables. Here is my first cable for my needles case...

And here are a couple more cables. I've gotten quite a good bit done on the first cable strap - and then I dropped a needle behind the sofa, and I haven't gotten it out yet. Just laziness - that's all that is.
The Booga Bag KAL that I did with my amazing sock knitting friend turned out really well. Here are a couple pictures of it... I gave it to my mom and she loves it!
Tomorrow is my brother's birthday - happy birthday, Bucko! I'm proud of myself - today I planned, designed, purchased the yarn, frogged it twice, and completed his gift. A way-too-big armband that says "I heart robots." Because he does. I hope his arm is a lot bigger than mine. Because otherwise it won't fit. Maybe he can wrap it around one of his robots. Here are some pictures.... I was not smart because I didn't get pics of the pattern before I sewed it up. I'm learning as I go, people.
Next time - I'm going to take some pictures of the yarn that I got in my Mystery Bag from Discount Yarn Sale. Can you guess the percentage of the yarn I got that I might actually use vs. the amount I really can't stand?
And now....
10 Greatest Accomplishments in Your Life
Thanks, Yano.
In no particular order (only in which they popped into my mind).
1. Giving birth to my son.
2. Becoming a college professor at age 22.
3. Getting my Master's degree at age 23.
4. Owning a home by age 25.
5. Getting married.
6. Singing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus under Robert Shaw - while in high school.
7. Being the only one of my friends in high school who drove a stick shift.
8. Being a stay-at-home-mom.
9. Getting promoted at work.
10. Getting chosen to go to Senegal and Africa to represent my company.


sherriknits said...

Impressive list! I bet your brother will love his gift. Your cables are beautiful! so is the bag. :)

Amanda1 said...

Wow, a whole post of accomplishments! Your list is fantastic...

Kellie said...

Your booga is the best booga EVER!! Its so beautiful!!!!!! I am inspired :) And....a slacker. I am still not done with mine. You are a knitting goddess. WTG on the cables also. And the robot gift is too cute! We need to plan a get together ASAP :)