Tuesday, May 8, 2007

10 on Tuesday

This is a good one, Yano! I wish this was happening in a couple weeks, though, when I can actually reveal a big secret to the world... in the meantime, satisfy yourselves with this...

10 Things Most People Don't Know About You

1. I can sing 2 tones at one time. This is not a common thing - the only other people I know of that can do this are a group of monks in Tibet. I do not sound pretty when I do this - I used to freak out my roommates when I did it (we were all music majors).

2. I hate deep water. There are too many unknowns involved - do you really know what's under you? Do you really know how you would survive if something happened to you out on the ocean?

3. I am a perfectionist, but sometimes my desire for a complete project outweighs my desire for perfection. Take my knitting - when I make a mistake, I do not always go back to correct it. A lot of times, I want to hold a complete item in my hand more than I want to hold a perfect item. Hopefully this will change as I gain more experience in knitting - but it's been this way all my life with other things, too.

4. I want to be famous one day.

5. I make a really mean artichoke dip. Not many people around here know this yet. But I'm convinced that's why I used to get invited places... "Let's invite Leigh - maybe she'll bring her artichoke dip!"

6. I have a really good memory. Frighteningly good. I'll pretend to forget things so I don't freak people out.

7. When I go on a plane, I have to touch the plane (on the outside, when you board) and say a prayer. Otherwise, I freak out the entire flight.

8. I get obsessed easily. One day it's cloth diapers, the next it's making everything from scratch. The good thing is that I usually carry over my obsession into my life so aspects of it are continued... therefore, I still recycle, make things from scratch, am still thinking about cloth diapering, and I'm still knitting!!!

9. My first concert was the New Kids On The Block. I was in 6th grade, people!

10. I used to think I would never marry and never have kids. I used to think I was better off that way.


Jolene said...

That is funny. Your blog is the second blog that I have come across today that has a version of your #9 and #10.

Who knew so many people would fess up to being fans of the NKOTB? I was a fan too and I went to a concert in Lake Placid when I was 15.

I didn't want to get married or have kids either. Took me awhile, but I came to my senses eventually.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Okay. #1 - Wow! Show me how!
And I was a music major, too.

By-the-way, the pictures from the backyard...my mom gets all the credit. Seriously. She's the farm girl.