Thursday, May 10, 2007

To read about knitting...

It's almost as good as knitting itself, I've discovered. A blog I read the other day put it very nicely....
I'm convinced that half the knitting thing is in the dreaming and if you don't do a bit of dreaming and aching or whatever it is that you do when you spot a pattern or a skein, a hank, or a ball, then all you have on your hands is a bit of wool and a couple of needles.
Click here to read more. I completely agree. While she was talking about going through her stash and thinking of what she had origianlly planned with certain yarns, I love the dreaming that comes with looking through books and at patterns. This is mostly because I am not very yarn-saavy yet. I cannot look at a yarn and think "Oh, sweater!" yet. Yet. Hopefully I will get there.

But I think a large part of my dreaming comes from the desire to do bigger and better things. Baby hats and felted bags are fun, but when I flipped through Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits, I almost cried from the beauty of it all (granted, a lot of my dreaming about those patterns also involves my dreams for a pre-baby body).

I want to knit everything in this book. Everything.

I also see a lot of things coming from One Skein Wonders, since I have a propensity to pick up a skein of yarn and go, not really realizing you need more than one skein to knit a sweater or a bag.

So those are 2 of my new knitting books. I also purchased Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook and The Knitting Answer Book. The latter will stay in my knitting bag as a reference. I've already looked into it a couple of times.

THEN, when I was running into Ben Franklin's to pick up some new circs to work on the Booga Bag again, I was lured by their 50% off table (I mean, who isn't?). I thought that even if I found some little scrapbooking things it would be cool (I did - I found some stickers). Well, guess what else I found for 50% off? 3 different issues of knit.1!!! I got the Summer 2006 Art issue, the Winter 2006/2007 Love Issue, and the Spring 2007 Sport Issue, all for under $3 each. Fun fun fun! I'm not sure how many items I'll knit out of them, but now I know what they're about, and they have some cool things in there, besides patterns. For instance, did you know that knitting burns 103 calories an hour?!? YAY!


Amanda1 said...

OK, first thing is: I really enjoy your blog.

Second: I, too, want to knit everything in "Fitted Knits"... I have looked at it a few times during knitting group (we meet at Barnes & Noble), and think I just need to tell the family for the next gift occasion that its what I want.

I LOVE the 50% off tables. Great finds for you!

sherriknits said...

I completely agree that dreaming about knitting is as important as knitting itself...and also what you said about reading about knitting is as good as knitting itself (paraphrased). It's fun to me to find people who get so much more out of knitting than the actual knitting itself. I came through a very difficult time when I couldn't knit, but I found that when I wasn't actually knitting, I was thinking about it a LOT. I really enjoyed my visit and will be back!