Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally, a FO!

Here they are - pictures of Mandy's Candy Bag, complete! When I can, I'll get pictures of it hanging off the arm of my niece, as her new little purse. The only mod I made was to make a really long I-cord so it could be used as said purse.

Thanks for a fun knit, Amanda!

On to... yarn purchases!!! YAY! I bought my first sock yarn ever. Some YUMMY Fleece Artist Merino Wool. Beautiful green shades - see?

Then some less expensive but equally as fun Wildefoote by Brown Sheep Company - the colors are Mums and Soft Jazz (I have to put that in italics because when I say "soft jazz," I even say it italicized). I think these will be my first baby socks.

I stepped up my Coachella knitting. I was shamed into it after reading some descriptions of it as a project for other knitters on Ravelry... one lady said it took her only 3 days to knit. 3 days. I'm almost at the bottom of the arm holes, to start the never ending body... I won't have it done in time for my cousin's birthday on Friday, but it will be well underway.
3 days. Geez.


Mary said...

cute little bag! nice job!

something tells me you've been to the Yarn Lounge recently!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Excellent! I love the yarn you picked!

I am linking you to my blog right now, and of course you're entered on to the contest!