Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My first sock!

Yay! I made a sock! Just one, mind you - it's all I needed! I thought of this as a practice sock, before I hit my pricey yarn for a real wearable thing.

I must say, I think my first short rows ever turned out very nicely! I was rather intimidated, but after some advice from some knitting friends and Kristi herself, I dove in and did it. Piece of cake!

The Kitchener's Stitch on the other hand... it got all puckered up in front. See?

Good thing that's the view from the radio - no one else should be able to see it. And looking at this photo, I think I started the decrease 90 degrees away from where it should've been. But it still works!!!

I picked orange, like the original, not because I wanted an exact copy, but because orange is my favorite color right now. And what other color would go well with a little blue Mazda 5? Just orange. Well, green, maybe, but I think that's because that's my default favorite. It's knitted out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Paprika. Spicy!

I followed the suggestion to knit 14 rows of K1P1 ribbing instead of the 10 rows Kristi originally did. Now I wish I had knit only 10 rows. The 14 rows kind of overlaps onto the leather bottom part of the shifter. But I think it still looks good.

Bad news is Hubby isn't quite on board with my cool idea. When he saw I finished it, he was kind of diplomatic, saying that he's glad I was able to do it (thanks, sweetie!), but there was no way he was driving with that thing on. Hmmmm.... kind of tough luck, because it's pretty tight. It will take more time to get it off then just to deal with it and drive. Plus, the coolness of it will seep into him as he drives. I'm sure of it. I like to think that I'm all hipster and he's not. Maybe one day he'll get it. Plus, he's driving a mini-van! Granted, it's a Mazda 5, so it's tiny, and it is a 5-speed. But it's still a mini-van. I don't know what his idea of cool is there.

My sock-idol and I are starting the Knitty Breeze socks... I'm going to use the Fleece Artist yarn I showed you here. In fact, I'm casting on after I log off here!


Kellie said...

Go ahead girl!! YAY! I can't wait to see your other sock tomorrow :)

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Mary said...

Such a cute shifter sock! And it still cracks me up that there's even such a thing as a 5-speed mini-van. Rock on!