Friday, October 26, 2007

Half-way there!

I finished baby's sweater! See?
It's so soft... I love the Rowan All-Season's cotton! I'm so glad I'm doing the cargo pants in the same yarn. mmmmm..... Notice I'm not showing you up-close pictures of any of the seams. No, that would be silly of me. Because then you'd doubt my judgement in even calling it complete. What is it with me and seams? I can't get the Kitchener's stitch or the mattress stitch - I don't even know what to call what I did at the shoulders... And the pattern was still weird. If I followed it to the letter, I wouldn't have had to (apparently) sew the arms together at the bottom or the front and back together at the sides. The only seam mentioned in the pattern in the shoulder seam. Also, I did not complete the bottom hem or the collar hem as mentioned in the pattern. I did finish the sleeves with the extra rows that you fold up and sew on the inside. I didn't want to pick up anymore stitches at the waist or the collar to create more work for me - and I'm sure in an adult sweater it would make sense, since you would want to wear it for years. This will be lucky to be worn once. And the number of stitches she said to pick up seemed... odd... Anyways... I muddled through it - and I LOVE it!!!

It's so tiny... and I love love love the collar!!!! It's so... cute! and boyishly manly. Is that appropriate to say for an infant's sweater?

I got my swapbox from my first-ever dishcloth swap this week! I was so excited... and I managed to remember to take pictures as I opened up the box, instead of ripping into it and not being able to share the joy!

There were some yummy bath-stuffs, fun knitting notions, delicious choclate truffles (yum! they were gone in a heart beat!), and some fun yarn! I've never worked with any KnitPicks yarn, and she included some beautiful gray Essential Solid yarn in Ash... I'm going to poke around on their website to find some sock patterns I can whip up!

Then, as I peeled away the first layer, I got to the dishcloth:

I love it! So bright and sunny! The pattern was included below the dishcloth, and I'm now inspired to start a notebook for all the patterns I'm using/have used. Right now, they are all folded up and crammed into my craft cabinet.

Hubby is confused that we would use something so nice for dishes! Here's a better picture of the pattern (forgive the window pane shadows - I was attempting to get it into sunlight on the only sunny day we had this week!):

Thank you so much, my sweet swap pal!!!

Unfortunately, I found out that the swap package I sent has not yet reached its recipient. The delivery confirmation that I bought for it says it was delivered, but she hasn't gotten it. I don't think there is much the post office can do - I hope I had the right address on the box... I'm so sad about that!

I have signed up to do another swap, though - and I'm very excited! See details for the Color Me Happy Swaparooni at its Flickr group page...


oh amanda said...

The sweater is gorgeous. I think you should frame it after he wears it! ;)

I hope I do as good on the swap for you!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Great job on the sweater - it's beautiful!

Your swap package is great, I hope your person gets her package soon. Bummer!