Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I want to win!

From one of my new favorite blogs, Oh My Stinkin' Heck, I found out about a Pink Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Give-away Contest at The Domestic Diva. Our current vacuum does not currently do as well as it should - in short, it doesn't suck enough... hahaha... So I want to win the Pink Dyson they are giving away. Note the button on my sidebar, as requested, and if you want to win it, go to the site - but if I hear you win it after hearing about it from me, I only ask that you come over weekly to my house with your new Dyson and vacuum my floors. Does that sound fair?

I'd buy one if I could - Dyson donates $40 to help Breast Cancer Research for each Pink Dyson that is purchased! I just don't have $400 for a new vacuum. Sigh....

In other (knitting) news - I have some FOs, but I can't show them until later in November - because they are for a SWAP! One whipped up real fast, and it's so cool - I'm so happy that I knit it! And I think my swap-pal will really like it!

In other (non-knitting) news, I joined the NaBloPoMo - but not here.... at my other blog, My Adventures in Mother-land. I started that blog a couple of months ago, so I could write about my kid(s) and their development and eventually have it published in a book for them down the road (whoa! I went searching for the link that I thought I had saved with the website from which you could order a book from your blog - but I can't find it!!!! Does anyone know what I"m talking about?!?). I haven't done well with my blogging there... So hopefully I will be able to get a whole bunch of thoughts and feelings down as I blog every day in November over there! Wish me luck!

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oh amanda said...

I do know about that blog book. What a great idea to get it printed as a gift to your kids! I'll look it up and email you, ok?