Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Swap spoiler alert...

April, if you're reading this and you want your package to be a surprise, stop reading now!

So... through Ravelry, I signed up for a Christian Knitters group, and they set up a dish cloth swap right away. I've been looking at dish cloth patterns for a little while and have found many I'd like to try, so I signed up!!! We were to knit a dish cloth and send it with something encouraging for our swap pal, and we are to do it by October 5. Um, I'm mailing it tomorrow.

BUT - I didn't just make one dish cloth. I made a pair! See?

I modified this pattern, as my pal asked for dish cloths no larger than 5 inches square. I actually think these are 5.5 inches, but I hope that's OK. I think she told the moderator that set up the swap that her hands are small, and she likes smaller cloths. Sounds good! Her favorite colors are lime green and chocolate. I love those colors together, and I really wanted to put them together in the same dish cloth. The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream, and I'm so glad I found the colors she likes!

I then poked around looking for fun things to put in the box... I didn't find any fun knitting things - I forgot the one time I went into a LYS while I was doing this - and the larger craft stores just didn't have anything fun. So I found a devotional book of Beth Moore's that I hope will bless my pal's socks off... and I added 2 new skeins of the Sugar 'n Cream yarn, plus the leftover yarn I had from making the dish cloths.

I also had purchased some chocolates to go into the box, but then I re-read what was sent to me, and since it's still hot out here in RVA, I agreed with my swap pal that chocolates may not be the best thing to send, especially if the box has to sit in her mailbox all day. So I'll be eating the chocolates. But I topped off her box with other yummy stuff, so I hope she won't be disappointed.

This was fun! I'll have to sign up for more swaps after the baby comes. I'm concentrating on my baby knits right now. I still am working on the Petal Sweater - I am such a slow knitter on this one! I've timed it, and it takes me a full hour to do 2 rows - knit and increase across, then purl back. I'm afraid I'm not going to finish it by the time I have the baby! But to give me confidence, I started a quick knit - a pair of baby socks. So much fun...

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sherriknits said...

Oh gosh, I have been looking at that book. Beth Moore's books are so wonderful. I am sure your pal is going to be thrilled. Now I wish I'd have signed up since yours looks so fun.