Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One done.

From Interweave Knits - a free pattern called Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks.

The first sock is done. The second sock is nearly finished. The only thing getting me through this pair is that they're so small. Aren't they cute? I'm amazed that I'll have a little one that will fit into these soon...

Anyway - I'm so afraid I'm not a sock person. At least, I'm not enjoying the short-row heel, and then I basically have to turn the same short-row heel for the toe to finish it off. I liked knitting the heel flap for the Breeze Sock - it's the foot of the sock that's stopped me there. I need to find a pattern that will keep me interested - or not knit socks while I'm pregnant. I need instant results right now... the nine-month baking period is the only long project I can work on right now.

So I'm going to make this sweater next, with these cargo pants. Then some booties, and then the Yoda sweater. That's my list right now. Let's see how I do....

I feel like I am stuck right now. Kind of in a rut, but not one I can change. It's so weird - it's like I'm in a holding pattern until Baby #2 makes his entrance. I'm glad that the holidays are coming up - that will be a nice distraction. But until then, I am just stuck. Same thing, everyday - no new things, no new ideas... I feel so bad for Big Boy, being stuck inside in 90+ degree weather (what is up with that? It's so wrong!!!!!) with a mom who can't get down on the floor with him right now - with a mom who only wants to sit and sleep. All he wants to do is run. Poor guy.


NH Knitting Mama said...

The bootie sock is absolutely adorable. I'm so happy for you for expecting another baby.

As far as being in a rut, I'm sure the heat will break soon enough. Is there anyone that can help you out and take him to the park? Maybe you could take him but stop for ice cream first?

It is unseasonably warm here in NH, too. Usually I have my heat on already, but we've only had to turn it on for about an hour each time twice. Thank goodness, because propane is expensive!

Mary said...

Cute sock! And your list of projects -- all cute. Not to worry -- the temps will break tomorrow. And then -- fall-like weather. Hurrah!