Monday, April 23, 2007

I did it.

So I finished the Paris Loop on Saturday. I did it. Almost. I finished it when we got home from the concert.

I wouldn't have worn it even if I had finished it before we left. I have no pics to show (my camera is not being recognized by the computer right now - grrrr... technology!!!). But as soon as I can, I will post the pics, and you will see why. So disappointing. I'm a big girl anyway, and my fear was that I would look like a large bear in it. But this? Sigh - swatching for gauges really must work. Remember this for next time, self.

The positive side: Pink Martini ROCKS! Oh, so much fun! I wanted to get up and dance, but first, that would've scared Hubby, and second, the 4 blisters I got on my feet from walking 5 blocks to dinner and back were preventing me. I must have all their music so I can dance to it while knitting. Oh, yes... and while cleaning the house.

Also, we ate at the delish Edo's Squid, which, much to Mom and Dad's delight, did not include squid. And our server had a squid tattooed on his arm. I wonder if he was Edo....

And I DID take something handmade along... my beautiful felted bag. It was dying for a night out on the town. So I gave it one.

My next project is the sidewinder bag from Pick Up Sticks. Another felted bag - I'm in heaven. I need something to hold necessities in when I go to the playground with the Big Boy - you know, crackers, juice bottle, wipes.... you know, the necessities. Won't this be perfect? It was my first purchased pattern. I can't wait!

My super-sock-knitting friend wants to do the Booga bag for our next KAL. Another felted bag? Sign me up! And look what else I found! TECHknitting. I love it.

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