Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interesting fact

"Fact of the day" from How Stuff Works:

I find this very reassuring. Very reassuring. Just in case I ever come across quicksand.

Knitting a new headband. Not a fan of the yarn again... Lion Brand Magic Stripes. In Denim Stripes. I think my disappointment in the Micro Spun yarn is carrying over to all Lion Brand yarns. Not good, I know. Anyone have any favs from Lion Brand they can share? I just need a little encouragement that it will all be OK. The Magic Stripes is much softer in the skein than it is being knit up.

I'm working on some new stuff for the blog in Adobe Photoshop. Now if only I could figure out how to get it into the template. I'll have to ask my brother to help... it's always nice to have a computer genius in the family. What do you think about this for the title box?
I had it in the title box for a while, but the other title was still in there, too.... Help, brother-mine! Help!!!

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Kellie said...

Wool Ease Worsted (they also have a thick and quick I think) and Jiffy are two that I am currently working with and I love, love, LOVE them. Its not all LB products, I promise :) Matter of fact with the Learn to Knit, I suggested that people grab a skein of the Wool Ease because it so soft and realllly easy to work with.

Wish I could help with blogger, but ask Sharon. She is a blogger Goddess. I permanently bow to her blogginess.